Schedule Update!

Due to a few supply logisitics we are changing our schedule immediately. The menu and your ability to make swaps will now happen on Mondays instead of Fridays and deliveries will be done on Fridays instead of Wednesdays.

You will have until Wednesday nights at midnight to make changes to your Friday order.

So- this week the menu will go up on 12-03-2012 and your delivery will happen on December 7th.

We appreciate your patience and understanding and look forward to continuing to bring you top notch organic produce.


Please let us know if you have any questions and have a wonderful fruit filled day.


Lucinda and the Brewers Organics Crew.

Vacation Cooking – Chipotle Sweet Potatoes, Caramel Apples, and more!

Well, Hello you foodie freaks that I love!

So, I’m back from vacation. Since I wasn’t face cracking a play by play, let me fill you in.

I made these.

Delicious, but tricky. I couldn’t find a recipe to make caramel sauce that didn’t require 50 million ingredients or corn syrup. The first of which annoys me and second of which freaks me out (how exactly do they make corn into syrup??).  So, I had to wing it. I remember my granny telling me her mother would make caramel over the stove with sugar, cream and butter. So there I was… arrogant and on a mission. If my great granny could make it over a wood stove, then surely, I could figure it out in the world of electric stoves and google, right? (insert sarcastic laugh here).

Caramelized the sugar. Easy.  Added butter and cream. Woops. First it got hard like a Werther’s original  hard candy, then I added too much butter and it was greasy.   No worries, I added it to cream cheese with cinnamon and vanilla and boom, icing for pumpkin cookies.

Caramelized the sugar again. Add butter and cream again, stir like crazy. Delicious. As long as you don’t burn the sugar even your mistake will taste great.

I like to double dip… apples. After the caramel, I dipped them in chocolate. There is a definite sugar high going on in this house.

Also, I made this: Mush…. (I know it doesn’t look great but I assure you it tasted great).

I used an adaptation of this recipe. (Skipped the rosemary, bay leaf, garlic, and hot pepper. Used bacon grease and butter instead of the cooking oil and added a bit of random spices from the King Carnivore’s cabinet).   It was FANTASTIC. Of course, when you add a little sharp cheddar on top it is even better.

Because I am on a sweet potato kick, I also made these: Chipotle sweet potatoes.

Dice the sweet potatoes, toss with olive oil, chipotle seasoning, salt and whatever else you have around (thyme, parsley, salt, or garlic). Bake at 350 until done (about 30 minutes maybe).