Homemade APP-lesauce Recipe: apples, peaches and pears


Got apples, peaches and pears?  In this post, blogger Michelle gives us her recipe for APP-lesauce:


APP-lesauce in baby bowl with fruit


APP-lesauce: Apple/Peach/Pear Baby Food Puree

There’s an App for that! Not really, just the title of this yummy baby food that combines apples, peaches and pears.

Homemade baby food…something I never thought I‘d pursue. As a stay-at-home-mom on one family income, making my own baby food made financial sense and didn’t take too much time. I made one big recipe every few days and froze the rest into ice-cube trays for easy-to-grab portions. Not too hard and my babies seemed to like it! Also, this is a great baby food to bring to restaurants that (still) don’t offer baby food on the menus.

This is one of my favorite fruit recipes. It purees apples, peaches, and pears. This is a wonderful summer recipe when all the fruits ripen so quickly and are so deliciously juicy. (For winter, don’t feel bad to use frozen peaches if it is just plain out of season or just leave peaches out of the recipe.) This is a great recipe for babies as young as four months. It also gives the house a delicious scent!


2 apples, peeled, chopped (no core)

2 peaches, skinned, chopped (no pit)

2 pears, peeled, chopped (no core)


Simmer apple in a small pot with two tablespoons of water for eight minutes. Add peaches and pears and cook for 3 more minutes. Let cool a few minutes, then puree in a blender.

APP-lesauce on stove

APP-lesauce in blender

APP-lesauce in freezer container

This makes about 3-4 cups of baby food, depending on the size of the fruits. I usually serve about 2 ounces per feeding. If you are making a big batch, freeze the extra puree in ice-cube trays!

Healthy, prepared food is a happy sight to see on super crazy days with your baby! Grab a couple fruit-cubes and let it defrost for a delicious fruit serving later in the day.

Although this was prepared with babies in mind, it is also a delicious alternative to regular applesauce for kids and adults both.
APP-lesauce eaten by Lauren

Meet Blogger Katie: Sunny Side Eggs in Pepper Slices



Meet Blogger Katie and check out her beautiful recipe for Sunny Side Eggs in Pepper Slices.

Katie Berg is a freelance photographer based out of Milwaukee, WI who loves art, food and design.  Her photography takes a journalistic approach to whatever she shoots whether it be fashion, food or weddings. Her interest in organic food is propelled by the constant drive to be healthy in mind and body and to support local resources.

Katie graduated with a BFA from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and his since rooted herself in the arts. She also co-owns a local publication, Two Cents MKE magazine, that shares the secret gems that make Milwaukee unique! If she’s not working, you can find her outdoors sailing in the summer or skiing in the winter. Some of the best projects she works on is always due to amazing collaboration among others, helping to create something much bigger than first imagined! Writing and sharing images with Brewers Organics is just that!

Katie recently received her first produce box from Brewers Organics.  Here is what she had to say about it:
My first box from Brewers Organics was delivered this week! I was very excited to unload all my Standard box after it was dropped right at my front door! It really is an extraordinarily convenient service! The grocery store has so many options (and very limited and expensive Organic options) that it’s sometimes hard to think of your weekly meals as you shop and plan ahead. I feel that the contents are like a box of crayons. You have to work with the colors you’re given in the box to make up the picture. I think my weekly box of fruits and veggies will force me to work with those ingredients more creatively, as I pick and choose my veggies out of the box to create a meal. I find in many aspects of life, that working within given boundaries can help make life a little easier and push you more creatively, than the daunting open canvas with all options available to you. I’m very excited that I chose to join Brewers Organics and look forward to the coming weeks where the contents change with the seasons and test my cooking boundaries! Each week will be a new picture, a new meal!
Sunnyside Eggs in Pepper Slices:
This is a really creative and colorful way to serve up breakfast!

(1) Slice orange, red or green peppers whole about 1-2 inches thick

(2) Place the peppers in a skillet with a little bit of oil. Heat and flip so each side is hot and cooked just enough that it’s not raw.  You could also grill them.

(3) Crack the eggs into the pepper slices in the skillet over medium heat. One egg per pepper slice.

I actually separated the yolks and egg whites into two separate bowls. Then poured the egg whites into the peppers first to protect the egg yolk. Then I spooned one yolk into each pepper. Some egg whites may spill out from under the slices, but if you cut them straight, they hold 90% of it, just cut away any excess after they’re done.

I covered the pan to cook the yolks a little faster since these won’t be flipped. Just season with salt and pepper and you’re done!

I served with avocado slices and a little bit of salsa verde to spice it up.

Fruity Stegosaurus from our newest blogger Michelle

Hi! My name is Michelle Gagne.

I am a former Elementary Music teacher and symphony oboist from Michigan who uprooted to the city-life of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Now my days are centered around my two lively children (ages 3 and 5), my Golden Retriever Louie, my cat Mozart and my husband. My evening life includes my Etsy shop where I create dog leashes for playful pups everywhere. The life of a stay-at-home-mom is fun and challenging and sparks creativity out of necessity. I would love to share my quest for raising kids on healthy fruit and vegetable snacks and meals with you!




“Here’s the Stegosaurus, the mighty Stegosaurus. Plates all up and down his back and spikes along his tail.”

I could sing that song all day. Not by choice, but by the fact that we listen to it every time we drive anywhere in the car or when the need to play with plastic dinosaurs at home is the only way to spend an afternoon. So, we came up with a healthy dessert called “Fruity Stegosaurus.” Lately, my kids are on a pear and strawberry kick, so this dinosaur emerged from the depths of my fruit bowl.

The body is a halved pear, with the seeds cut out. The head, legs and tail are banana pieces, cut to the kids’ shape-specifications (circle, half-circle and rectangle). The plates and spikes of this scary-looking dinosaur are made from strawberries (triangles, big and small). The eyes are raisins and the mouth is a creatively-cut strawberry. How to eat the dinosaur is completely up to you.

My daughter ingested the plates first while my son dove into the eyes.
Roaring while you eat seems to be a necessity. Enjoy!

Michelle Gagne