A Week in the Life


I have come to the conclusion that many people have a misperception of a personal trainer. I don’t say that in a sassy or condescending way at all. It just seems that people tend to assume that because I do what I do for a living, that it all just comes naturally to me without even trying. I’ve had a number of clients act surprised when they see me working out on my own time. The reality is my only option is finding time for myself when I’m not training others.

This got me thinking, I’ve given you a day in the life of what I typically eat and I’ve talked about the exercises I enjoy but I’ve never talked about a week in the life of me when it comes to my workout routine. I work hard to achieve my goals and it’s very important to me that I consistently practice what I preach. I want my clients to always know that there’s nothing I make them do that I haven’t done before myself. For me it’s crucial they know that I take care of myself and that I’m real and genuine. I am passionate about helping people and incorporating exercise into their lives in a fun and never boring way.

So here goes a typical week in the life of me:

Monday: Typically I’ll have a 60 minute weight training workout with one of my trainers before I have clients starting at 7. I used to box and kickbox later at night for my interval cardio but will have to wait until summer to add that back in. Sometimes two workouts in a day is easier because of the amount of time I have. I actually like splitting up my lifting and cardio so I can rest up a bit in between.

Tuesday: I usually take the day off because of work and class at night. I realize it’s a pretty random day to take off but it just seems to work best for me.

Wednesday: Usually Wednesday is similar to Monday. I have early clients starting at 5am and a break around 7:30 for an hour or 90 minutes.  Today I did sprint intervals on the treadmill for 20 minutes (1 minute sprint, 30 second jog rest x 10) and then did a lower body lift until my client at 9. I box on Wednesday nights to get some more interval work in and relieve some stress at the end of the day.

Thursday: I have a weekly 60 minute training session on Thursday afternoons with my other trainer. Ideally I would like to do some cardio beforehand but that doesn’t happen often. Thursdays are one of the days where I feel a little bit on the tired side so that’s where my trainer helps out and holds me accountable instead of taking the day off. Trainers need trainers too sometimes 🙂

Friday: Fridays have been on the busier side for me so I tend to take the day off. I want to start getting a run in once it gets nicer out or at least tolerable running conditions.

Saturday: 6am boxing is on the agenda bright and early for me. If I didn’t workout before I started working, I may end up just going home instead of doing something. I enjoy getting my workout in early and not having to worry about it the rest of the day.

Sunday: Yoga is one of my Sunday goals. Ideally I would get yoga in twice a week but I’ll probably have to wait until my class is over and summer is here before I’ll have a little extra time on my hands.

Some people may call me crazy after reading my routine, I call it fun and enjoyable and just a every day priority. I will say this, if I’m having an off day or my body is telling me absolutely not, I will take the day off to recover a little. Listen to your body and check in with it often to make sure it’s up to the task at hand that day. It’s important to push yourself but it’s also important to take care of yourself.

So there you have it, what I do behind the scenes each week to practice what I preach. That is why fueling my body properly is so important and I focus on eating right… most of the time. Take a look at your routine… are you consistent? Do you take a couple days off for recovery? Do you change up your workouts? All these are good questions to ask yourself when getting a weekly routine of your own. Schedule some time each day to invest in yourself, you only get one chance to live a healthy and happy life… so take action and go for it!


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