Guacamole Topped Hamburgers



Guest blogger Gloria used the avocados in her recent Brewers Organics Box for guacamole topped hamburgers:



A Simple Weeknight “Picnic”

I’ve been craving a burger lately and recently my brother introduced me to putting guacamole on it as well.  Well, lucky me, I had organic avocados in my Brewers Organics box this week!  And corn on the cob!  I decided that we’d start the week off with a little “picnic.”  While the burgers, corn and broccoli were cooking, (I steamed these on the stove since it’s not too hot to turn it on this week!) I sliced the avocado, scooped it out and mashed it up in a bowl.

I like to keep my guac pretty simple – I just added some lime juice (from a Brewers Organic’s lime), sea salt, pepper and garlic.  These avocados are so ripe that I like to let the flavor stand out on its own.

I topped our burgers off with some lettuce from my garden, and the guacamole on top.  It was such a fun, simple meal to start our week off just right!


A special thank you to Cara for this recipe. She gets a free small box of produce for sharing. I especially love that she made Packers gaucamole (Although, please don’t tell my king carnivore as he would never think his lady capable of treachery. He’s a Bears fan through and through).

My guac is pretty simple:

Cube and mash avocados with a splash of lemon juice (or lime, whatever you’ve got) to prevent blackening. Add minced garlic (a couple cloves), diced onions (about 1/2 an onion), tomatoes (1 small tomato or a handful of cherry tomatoes)–again, whatever’s handy). Salt, pepper, cayenne to taste preferences and–this is the secret ingredient–garlic salt. It’s best to let it sit to let the flavors mesh, so I keep a pit (again, preventing the black gross discoloration avocados are prone to!) and put it in the bowl and cover with plastic wrap down *on* the guac to prevent air from affecting the color.

Last year’s Super Bowl I even made green and gold Packers guacamole with yellow tomatoes!