Cilantro Rice



A guest post from our customer Holly

Cilantro Rice

As rice goes, there is nothing tastier than cilantro rice. It adds a beautiful flavor to otherwise plain rice, and is also a good use of Brewers Organics produce! This recipe calls for use of the entire bunch of cilantro, stems and all! You only have to remove the leaves from a small handful of the cilantro to save as a topping for the rice and tacos.

1 tbsp olive oil
1 large bunch of fresh cilantro
2 cups white rice
3 3/4 cups water

In a medium size pot, olive oil on high. Add rice and stir, coating rice entirely. Cook until rice becomes opaque, just a few minutes, then reduce heat to medium.

Add water and all but 1 handful cilantro (stems included) to blender. Set the other small handful aside. Blend thoroughly. In pot, turn heat back up to high and add blended cilantro water to rice ~ 4 cups. Bring to a boil and then cover and reduce heat to a simmer. Cook until done, about 20 minutes. Remove cover and fluff with a fork.

Remove stems from remaining handful of cilantro and use leaves to garnish rice and tacos. Enjoy!

Vegetable Fried Rice



A guest post from Ashley:

It’s about that time again for another easy recipe that tastes great, doesn’t take a lot of time and incorporates a lot of fresh veggies from Brewers Organics. 

For breakfast, I typically have eggs with different vegetables depending on what I get in my delivery from Brewers Organics that week.  My favorites are mushrooms, zucchini and for some extra protein, I like to add some edamame to the mix and sometimes I’ll throw in some spinach.  I wanted to make something similar that I could enjoy at lunch that would incorporate some good carbs and fill me up. So I decided to make a healthy version of fried rice with veggies.


Vegetable Fried Rice


1 c. dry brown rice – I typically use the minute rice or something quick that can cook while I am preparing the veggies.

1/2 c. onions, diced

Coconut Oil – You need just enough for sautéing the veggies.  Coconut oil is my favorite because I think it adds some good flavor to the mix.

3-4 c. veggies of your choice – zucchini, mushroom, peppers, edamame, spinach and  broccoli are just some ideas but you can add whatever you’d like.

2 eggs – If you don’t want to the egg yolks, you can always use three egg whites.

Spices – salt, pepper, garlic or onion powder to taste.

1/4 c. soy sauce OR salsa – I’ve actually used salsa the last couple of times I’ve made this and it tastes really good without the salty taste of soy sauce.  Either will work just fine depending on your preference.


1. Cook the rice according to the box and let stand until it needs to be added to the recipe.

2. Heat the coconut oil over medium heat. Cook onions for a couple minutes until they become transparent and then stir in the veggies and cook until soft.

3. Push the cooked vegetables to the side of the pan and crack the eggs into the pan.  Let cook for a few minutes before mixing everything together.  Stir in soy sauce or salsa.

4.  Once most of the liquid from the soy sauce or salsa have mixed in, add the rice and stir until warm.  Voila!

5. Enjoy!


I hope this will add some variety to your menu this week.  Since I’m only cooking for one, sometimes I will cut the recipe in half so I don’t end up wasting the leftovers I wasn’t able to get to.  I hope you have a wonderful week and make sure you’re drinking lots of water and eat lots of  fruits and veggies of course.

Edamame and brown rice salad with broccoli (hot or cold)


A guest post from Holly:

Ahhh, Fall…   I love you until your wind turns blustery and I can’t get warm.  So we cook and feed ourselves like wild people.  I look forward to tasty food to keep my mind off the cold weather to come…  and mix it up a little… food, from Brewers Organics, but created in the Japanese style.  Sesame oil always makes me feel toasty inside.  Enjoy!

japanese salad

Edamame and brown rice salad with broccoli – hot or cold

1 ½ cups brown rice (3 cups cooked)

1 red bell pepper – diced small-medium

2 heads of broccoli – stems peeled and diced small-medium and florets separated

1 ½ cups organic edamame (frozen)

2 tbsp. wakame – gently broken into very small pieces

1 tsp. fresh ginger -grated

1tsp. togarashi (Japanese seven spice)

1 tsp. cane sugar

1 tbsp. plus 1 tsp. toasted white sesame seed

1 tsp. mirin

1 tbsp. sesame oil

1 tsp. rice wine vinegar

1 tbsp. organic soy sauce

Prepare rice in small pot or rice cooker.  Heat sesame oil in pan over medium heat.   Add mirin and sugar, stir together and cook very briefly.  Add broccoli and wakame and cook over medium heat for 3 minutes.  Add rice wine vinegar, soy sauce, togarashi, ginger, edamame, and red bell pepper and cook over medium heat for an additional 3-5 minutes.  Cook the ingredients, but ensure they retain a firm consistency.  Add brown rice and stir ingredients together.  This dish can be eaten hot or as a cold salad

Chicken and Wild Rice Salad

chicken salad


A guest post from the McDonald Family:


Recently we hosted a wedding shower at our house and tried a recipe that we love.  Chicken Wild Rice salad is very similar to your typical chicken salad however this has a more complex taste to it and is a nice change from the boring old salad you are used to.  You can serve the salad plain, on a croissant, or even in a lettuce wrap.  It’s a perfect light summertime lunch that everybody enjoys!


4 whole chicken breasts, cooked, cubed (approx 8 cups)
1 8oz can crushed pineapple, drained
1 6 oz package long grain wild rice, cooked according to package directions
1T red wine vinegar
2 T olive oil
1 tbs salt
3/4 tbs curry powder
1 C diced celery
1/4 C chopped green pepper
1 1/2 C organic mayo
1 to 2 T. dry sherry


Combine chicken, pineapple, and rice in a large bowl.  Whisk together vinegar, oil, salt and curry powder in a small bowl.  Combine with chicken mixture.  Chill 3 hours. Add remaining ingredients to chicken mixture.  Toss gently.


Curry Rice & Steamed Veggies

Katie shares a recipe for Curry Rice & Steamed Veggies


1 cup of white rice

Curry Powder





green beans

yellow squash

This veggie dish is colorful and delicious! Make the rice according to package. Usually 2 cups of water to 1 cup of rice, heat to boil-then simmer til cooked. Once cooked, add your curry spice! It doesn’t take much, but do it at increasing increments to your taste. Add cut Cilantro.

Cut and prepare your veggies to be steamed. I cut the carrots thinly, julienne style, and the yellow squash in rounds. You can really add or subtract your favorite veggies to this dish! The cabbage added great color and a different texture alongside the carrots and broccoli. Boil water and steam veggies for about 10 minutes.


Super easy to make and very healthy! If curry isn’t your thing, just eat with white or brown rice, or even quinoa!

Fried Rice Pilaf

Thank you Martha S. for submitting this recipe. You have earned rockstar status AND a free small box of produce.

Lucinda’s notes: I don’t have or use vegetable oil, so I used butter (everything is better with butter). I also think that olive oil would be great with this. Furthermore, the produce I didn’t have (like green onions) I just didn’t use. I also replaced the soy sauce with Bragg’s Amino acids (the msg in the soy sauce makes myself and my little Fiona just a tad bit crazy). Yum Yum.

Fried Rice Pilaf. (makes 3-4 servings)
1 cup jasmine rice (or brown rice)
1/4 cup vegetable oil
4 eggs beaten
Salt and pepper
3 scallions thinly sliced, white and green
1 large red bell pepper
1 zucchini chopped
1 can white beans
1 cup chopped carrots
1 tsp ground cumin
2 tbsp soy sauce
1/2 cup chopped cilantro
Chopped garlic to taste
1. Cook the rice according to package instructions
2. Meanwhile in a nonstick pan heat 1tbs olive oil over medium heat.  Add the eggs, season with salt and pepper and cook.  Transfer to a cutting board and let cool, then chop
3. In the same pan heat more olive oil and add scallions, garlic, pepper and zucchini.  Cook for one minute then add the carrots and beans and cook until heated through.  Transfer to a bowl.
4. In the same pan heat more oil and add cumin and stir in cooked rice.  Spread out to a thin layer and let cook until it forms a crust.  Then add all your cooked ingredients and soy sauce and cook until heated through.  Enjoy!
Martha S.