Curry Rice & Steamed Veggies

Katie shares a recipe for Curry Rice & Steamed Veggies


1 cup of white rice

Curry Powder





green beans

yellow squash

This veggie dish is colorful and delicious! Make the rice according to package. Usually 2 cups of water to 1 cup of rice, heat to boil-then simmer til cooked. Once cooked, add your curry spice! It doesn’t take much, but do it at increasing increments to your taste. Add cut Cilantro.

Cut and prepare your veggies to be steamed. I cut the carrots thinly, julienne style, and the yellow squash in rounds. You can really add or subtract your favorite veggies to this dish! The cabbage added great color and a different texture alongside the carrots and broccoli. Boil water and steam veggies for about 10 minutes.


Super easy to make and very healthy! If curry isn’t your thing, just eat with white or brown rice, or even quinoa!

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