Foraging for Morel Mushrooms


A post from Holly:

Last week, while hiking in the woods behind my daughter’s school, my husband and I happened upon 36 nice morel mushrooms.

The problem was, we were RIGHT behind my daughter’s school and it was recess time.  We feared for our daughter’s social standing, in 6thgrade, because if any one of the kids playing outside had seen us, worse yet, recognized us, it would be all over for her.

“I saw Ruby’s parents in the woods behind the playground looking down, rooting around in the trees and leaves, carrying a grapefruit knife (our morel cutting tool) and walking over & over, up & down and in circles!  I think they are crazy!  Ruby’s parents are crazy… Ruby’s parents are crazy!”

So we hid behind trees when the kids would come near and we were lucky to be seen by only one, silly-voiced girl, who only cared about our cute dogs who were with us and called out, “nice dogs”!

The results of this hilarious hike?

A bag full of fresh morels, a handful of Lily of the Valley and a lilac flower stolen from my alley on the walk home.

The morels will be cooked tonight and I can’t wait to eat them; cooked in garlic and butter and melting in my mouth.

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