Homemade Pasta Sauce from Whole Tomatoes


A guest post from Gloria:

For about the last 2 weeks, I’ve had more tomatoes in my garden than I know what to do with!  My goal for all of my tomatoes was to make salsa, pasta sauce and tomato soup.  I’ve made the salsa, I have yet to research a soup, and here is the pasta sauce.  I searched some websites to find a base for pasta sauce.  Most called for canned tomatoes.  And one of the few that had fresh tomatoes said you should skin them.  Well, since I have cherry and roma tomatoes, that would have taken forever.  I wanted to leave the skins on, plus they are packed with nutrients, and I used an immersion blender, so it turned out just fine.


Fill a medium pot half full with tomatoes (I halved my roma tomatoes and left the cherry and golden ones whole.  If you use regular tomatoes, I’d chop them up.)
1 tsp sea salt
1 tsp ground pepper
1/2 chopped green pepper (Brewer’s Organics)
1 cup onion (chopped)
1 cup packed basil (from the garden)
about 3/4 cup chopped celery
2 tsp garlic
1 bay leaf



I placed everything in the pot and cooked over medium heat for at least an hour.  Remove the bay leaf and when all of the vegetables are soft, use an immersion blender to blend everything together.  I then turned the burner down to simmer and left the pot on the stove for about another hour, just letting all of the flavors meld together.  (This last step is not necessary, but I like the bold flavor and slowly cooking something this way).

Once cooled, I divided this up into batches to use for the week and to freeze.  When I was ready to make spaghetti this week, I browned some ground turkey (you could substitute ground beef), added the pasta sauce, simmered, and then poured over spaghetti.

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