Outdoor Workouts Are Finally Back


Hey everyone! I’m back from my vacation in Florida and feeling nice and refreshed from the daily dose of sunshine and warm air as well as from the amazing time I had with my family. I am so happy I took the time out of my busy lifestyle here at home to just relax, have no agenda and not set an alarm for a week. I actually should’ve done it sooner. I always forget the importance of getting away and taking some time for myself. I get caught up in the go go go and forget to slow it down.  At the end of vacation, work is always going to be there and everyone will survive without me and I get to recharge my body. Let’s face it, a lot of us end up running on fumes and never stop for countless reasons. My new goal is to stop and relax and give myself the time I deserve from working so hard.


I knew on vacation that the one form of exercise I could count on would be going for a run. Other than that I wasn’t sure what else I would have access to. We went swimming and played some pickleball, but there was no weight room and no boxing gym. Well, that right there put me out of my workout comfort zone. I was happy to get outside and just get to run in the sun, even if it was a bit of a struggle at times as I need to get back into working on my long distance endurance. I would’ve enjoyed going to the weight room with my mom, but since that wasn’t an option I had to make do with what I had… my body and my ipod.


This workout is a good one to get yourself back into some outdoor workouts. It requires nothing but yourself and watch if you have one. Find a good path and go for it. I want to incorporate some intervals with body weight exercises to give you a well rounded 30-40 minute full body workout.


There will be four sets of intervals and five exercises to complete. Make sure you start off with a couple minutes of just warming up your body whether that entails walking or a slow jog.



30 second run followed by 30 second jog or walk. The run should be faster than your normal pace and the jog/walk is just a quick recovery before you have to run again. Repeat these one minute intervals of 30 second run and 30 second jog five times.



Push Ups


Bicycle Abs


Lunge Walks


Each exercise you will perform 50 repetitions at your own pace except for burpees which will be 25 repetitions.  Since you are only doing one set of each exercise, the rep count can be a little higher. Listen to your body and do the best you can.  Breaks are okay as long as you jump back into the exercise as soon as you can. I have explained all these exercises in previous posts so if you’re questioning proper form, click on each of the exercises above for a refresher. It is extremely important to use the proper form when performing these exercises.


Once you are done with your exercise, you will have a one minute break before you begin your second set of running intervals. After you’re done running your second set, jump into the next exercise on the list. Repeat this until you end with the last set of exercises.


The pace in which you complete your exercises will determine the length of your workout. Since you will be running for 20 minutes, you will have enough time to finish all the exercises in a timely manner. If you’re in a time crunch, eliminate a set and get as much done as you can. Since you’re outside, find a fun safe place to run where you will have room to stop and complete your exercise before continuing on. If the weather is crummy, you can always complete it on the treadmill too.


Next week I will diving into what I was talking about at the beginning of this post… the power of recharging and taking some time off.


Happy workouts everyone!

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