We are the Family Farm, Stand with Us.

We don’t want government subsidies, but we do want an even playing field on which to compete, so please don’t allow them to be given to corporate giants.

On average, if you added up our working hours, we make less than minimum wage, so please don’t haggle us on price.

We are walking wikipedias on the topics of our trade, so please don’t think us intellectually inferior.

If we cease to exist then you would be dependent on companies that are “too big to fail” for your food supply, and we all know that nothing is ever to big to fail so please oppose legislation that makes it harder for us to do what we do.

Who are we?

We are the family farm, and as such we ask you to stand with us.

Stand with us as we fight to keep our land out of the hands of those who attempt to swindle us into less diversification in the name of efficiency, by purchasing products from farms produced in a bio-dynamic way.

Stand with us so we can have the freedom to plant non GMO crops and save our seeds without fear of retaliation from companies like Monsanto, by choosing organic and opposing laws that allow companies to patent life and then sue us in the name of copyright infringement.

Stand with us against those that would have us raise animals in concentration camps for the sake of a dollar, by refusing to buy meat from feedlots or confinement buildings.

You are our customers, our neighbors, our countrymen, and above all else you are our fellow humans. All of us, together, can create a foundation that the next generation is proud to stand on. Together we can be keep our food system pure, and together we can leave this land better than we found it.

Cheers and Happy Eats!


originally published on http://www.naturallylocal.blogspot.com