Sunshine Workout #1


Well it’s been a while but I’m back and I bring with me some sunshine and warmer weather. Hopefully everyone has been enjoying their summer and staying healthy and active. The next two blogs are going to be outside workouts so you can take advantage of being able to spend time in the sun… don’t forget that sunscreen though.

There are going to be five body weight exercises which include some of my personal favorites and some variations I have learned in workouts I’ve done in the past couple months. The best thing about them is you need nothing but yourself and some motivation to get you through. I was lucky enough to have some of my favorite little kiddos join me… workout buddies always make exercise more fun.

Without further ado… Sunshine Workout # 1.

It consists of four exercises that you will circuit through doing each exercise for 45 seconds with a 15 second rest in between. The fifth exercise will be a core exercise that will be 90 second interval. Once you get through all five exercises, take 90 seconds and then power through the sequence 2-4 more times depending on how much time and energy you have. 

Squat Jumps1. Burpee Squat Jumps.  Perform a burpee by placing your hands on the ground shoulder width apart, jump or walk your feet back to a plank position and then jump or walk your feet back so that they are a little farther than shoulder width apart. Come to a standing position and perform three jump squats, shifting your weight back into those heels and attempting to get your quads and hamstrings parallel with the ground before exploding up into a jump and then landing softly back into the next squat. If you aren’t able to jump, feel free to do body weight squats instead. Modifying is always 100% okay to do if necessary.





spider push upSpider Push Ups.  I’ll start with the most advanced way to perform the exercise and then give you modifications so anyone and everyone can do it. Start in a push up position. As you lower your body down for your push up, drive your right knee towards your right elbow. Alternate between right and left leg movements. The next option is splitting up the two motions. Drive your right knee towards your right elbow, bring it back to your starting push up position and then perform your push up. The final option is the same as the second but instead of doing the push up on your toes, you will drop down to your knees and then back up to your push up position.






split jumpSplit Jumps.  I have explained these in previous posts but here’s a refresher. Start with your feet in a lunge position while standing with good posture. Drop your back knee towards the ground without allowing your front knee to cross the plane of your toes. As you come up, you are going to explode off your feet and switch your feet while in the air into a lunge position with the opposite leg forward. If you’re thinking I’m crazy and that isn’t going to work for you, simply keep your feet on the ground and perform alternating back lunges. 








Mountain Climbers.  Start in that push up position and stack those shoulders right above your wrists for the entire 45 seconds.  Drive one knee into your chest and alternate as quickly as you can.  Keep your core tight and your body parallel with the ground. This should feel like you’re running but parallel with the ground instead of upright. My niece and nephew sure did a good job ‘climbing that mountain’ with me.








Core Burner of the Week:  Roll Ups.  Roll ups are a slow and controlled movement using as little momentum as possible. Start by laying on your back, arms perpendicular with the rest of your body.  Keeping your arms in the same place as much as possible you’re going to sit all the way up and then slowly roll back down one vertebrae at a time. This is your 90 second core exercise so get in as many as you can but remember proper form is most important thing to focus on.







Have fun, work up a sweat and stay tuned for Sunshine Workout #2!

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